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Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Courses now offered in Colorado Springs! Jump on this exciting opportunity to make great money with top quality training and certificaiton from leading industry professionals. Make an investment in yourself that will pay off tenfold as you become qualified to perform pool repair and maintenance. The state of Colorado requires operator training to work on pools.

There are over 10 million pools and 7 million hot tubs in the United States.

Need a Certification? We Can Help.

Various property maintainance teams require certifications. So what do you do when your boss tells you to get certified? You do it or you quit! Fortunately, we can help make the certification process as smooth as possible for you.

More Skill Equals Higher Pay Grade.

Get the in-demand skills and training that will make a huge impact on your career. Our certified instructor will get you equipped to make the career jump with a short, two-day in person class. The NSPF instructor will give you the knowledge you need to succeed in the pool operator field.

Benefits of CPO Certification Program

  • Widely recognized and Industry Standard Certification
  • Accepted by the State of Colorado
  • Includes special training for local and state codes
  • Covers topics necessary for pool operators
  • Includes regulary updated and comprehensive handbook
  • Recognized nationally and internationally
  • Fosters a better understanding of the pool operator’s job
  • Eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs, IACET)

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